Lame — HackTheBox Write-up (L-E)

05-10 Archivist
Feb 28, 2021


Lame is an easy Linux box released way back in March 2017 that involves exploiting a SMB vulnerability on the machine.


Let’s check for open ports and running services using nmap

We have 4 ports open; 21, 22, 139, and 445.

Exploring the allowed anonymous login via FTP doesn’t really give us much. The only other interesting ports are the two smb ports.

Exploitation and Privilege Escalation

Searching around, we’ll see that Samba smbd 3.0.20 has a username map script command execution vulnerability. Let’s use that on Metasploit.

It worked!

Let’s stabilize our connection by spawning a python interactive shell

Since we’re already a root user, finding both the user and root flag is just a matter of directly reading the files.

User Flag

Root Flag